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BlueMove NFT Market: How to mint NFTs and earn rewards on BlueMove

What is BlueMove?

BlueMove is an NFT marketplace on layer-1 blockchains Sui and Aptos. With the goal of becoming the leading NFT marketplace on these two networks, BlueMove is attracting the crypto community through the mint of limited NFT of very “hot” collections today.

Features of BlueMove

Mint NFT Testnet: Limited NFTs minted on BlueMove are highly valued due to the perks they offer. By becoming an NFT holder, you will enjoy benefits such as having an OG role on Discord or a slot in the mint whitelist of the project.

Trade to receive MOVE tokens: In the future, MOVE will become the official token of the BlueMove project. Users can receive MOVE tokens by trading NFTs on BlueMove.

NFT Lending: In the future, BlueMove will enable NFT lending and borrowing to optimize profits for users.

What is needed to use BlueMove?

Install Martian and Sui Wallets

Users can use different wallets to connect with BlueMove, including:

  • Martian Wallet for Aptos networks (testnet and devnet) here.
  • Sui Wallet for Sui network (devnet) here.

Faucet to receive APT testnet

For APT testnet, users can get it right on BlueMove’s homepage by selecting the Menu icon and choosing APT Faucet. Or you can use the Faucet feature of the corresponding wallet.

Bluemove Faucet

Faucet to receive SUI devnet

For SUI devnet, users can get by visiting the devnet-faucet in the Discord of the Sui project and enter the command Faucet! Sui wallet address to receive SUI devnet.

Bluemove Sui Faucet

How to use BlueMove? BlueMove Complete User Guide

Connect wallet to BlueMove

Currently, the Aptos network is in the testnet stage, so users need to switch to the corresponding network to be able to connect to BlueMove.

Step 1: Choose Connect Wallet in the right corner of the screen.

BlueMove Connect

Step 2: Click button Connect Wallet.

The system will send you a request to confirm the connection, select Approve.

Step 3: Click the Avatar and select My Profile.

bluemove create 1

Here, you need to connect Twitter and Discord accounts for verification and minting NFTs. These two account types can be updated at any time. Press Update Profile to add an account.

bluemove create 2

Mint NFTs on BlueMove

To mint NFTs on BlueMove, navigate LaunchpadLaunches. You need to pay attention to the countdown time of your favorite projects to join on time, because NFTs on BlueMove are minted very quickly. The article will use the example when minting on Aptos, but it is the same for Sui.

Bluemove NFT Mint 1

Step 1: Choose your favorite NFT collection and click Confirm Mint NFT.

Bluemove NFT Mint 2

Step 2: Press Tweet to post a verification message on Twitter. Then, get the address of the tweet through the share button to paste it into the Step 2 box and press Verify to complete.

bluemove nft mint 3

Step 3: Wait for the right time and press Mint to get your favorite NFT. The system will send you a confirmation request, select Approve.


  • It is recommended to unlock the wallet before minting to avoid wasting time.
  • When the countdown timer expires, you do not need to refresh the website, the system will automatically show the Mint button when it is time.
  • Currently, the NFT minting on BlueMove is extremely competitive, so try to limit reconnecting the wallet or moving to the homepage to avoid wasting mint time.
  • Some NFTs on the testnet may later on become worthless on the mainnet.

Sell NFTs on BlueMove

After receiving NFTs, you can hold them or sell them to earn more APT testnet. This is also a way to interact with the BlueMove project.

Step 1: Click the avatar and select My Items. The system will display all NFTs that you own.

Step 2: Select the NFT you want to sell and tap List NFT. Then, enter the amount of APT you want to receive and click Submit.

The system will send you a confirmation request, select Approve.

BlueMove Sell


  • APT testnet will not be valid when on mainnet.
  • You can use APT testnet to buy other NFTs or use them as minting fees.

Send NFTs on BlueMove

After upgrading to the 2nd version, BlueMove has allowed NFT holders to send their assets to other wallets through the following steps:

Step 1: Click the avatar and select My Items. The system will display all NFTs that you own.

Step 2: Select the NFT you want to send and tap Send NFT.

bluemove send 1

Then, enter the wallet address that you want to send and click Submit. The system will send you a confirmation request, select Approve if agreed.

bluemove send 2

Join the NFT project communities to receive rewards

If you decide to become a holder of an NFT, after minting, you should go to the Twitter or Discord of that NFT project to check what privileges the NFT will give you.

Bluemove Project
Whitelist, OG role or USDT? What benefits does the NFT give you?

The majority of NFTs on BlueMove will help you get an OG role or whitelist when the project is on mainnet. Therefore, this is definitely an opportunity you should not miss.

Final Thoughts

By now you should know what BlueMove NFT market is, how to mint, sell and send NFTs on BlueMove, what are the investment opportunities. Although the project is still in the testnet phase, minting NFTs on BlueMove has been opening up many opportunities for NFT holders.

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